Dr LC Sharma(MD of IIRD at extreme right) at the UN, discussing MISSION RIEV

IIRD Board of Directors Participate in UN Global Plateform

Since schools have been closed, the students can take part in our online education facility through our Learning Management System (LMS). At present, we have started the mathematics course for Class 9 where students can enrol and study maths online from their respective homes so that their learning does not get hampered.Kindly note that the e-learning classes will begin from April 1 onwards (11am to 1pm).
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Tele-counselling: Through the Zoom Application, we have been conducting tele-counselling sessions for those who wish to reach out to us with such needs. Anyone, irrespective of their age ,can sigup with us to get counselled for any issues that they may be facing and which has a negative impact on their lives, to get guidance towards the right direction.
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Through our Telemedicine Online under Mission RIEV, people from remote localities can virtually connect to our Clinic (RIEV Clinic) and take advantage of our telehealth counselling. Based on the requirement, our technicians with fully equipped mobile Medical Labs, visit the villages to collect samples and the test reports are shared online followed by the supply of the prescribed generic medicines to the patients at their doorsteps, for remotely preventable and curable ailments.
***This service is suspended for the time being in view of the complete lockdown in the state.

Our Service Divisions

Mission RIEV's dynamic service divisions are designed to provide a number of services to people for holistic development in an efficient and sustainable manner. These services also meticulously align with the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Integrated Risk Management & Social Security Services

Integrated Risk Management (IRM) & Social Security division has been working on many levels to promote social amelioration through awareness and active participation in numerous segments. We have organised campaigns on a number of social issues such as drug abuse, afforestation,. .

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Agro-Based Services

Agro-based Division has been providing support to the hardworking farmers in overcoming numerous hurdles to empower them. Mission RIEV helps them to acquire high-quality organic products such as seeds, manure, fertilisers, etc. available in-house or from the trusted vendors. We. .

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Banking & Finance Services

Mission RIEV is working to bring banking services to people in rural regions through support and creating awareness regarding different facilities offered by banks. We provide guided support in times of need or emergency in getting loans by untangling the process of cumbersome. .

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Education, Training & Counselling Services

Mission RIEV has been working to advance the education delivery as IIRD’s IT-Department has developed Learning Management System (LMS) for Mission RIEV that is designed to provide the online training to our functionaries and we are developing it further to include E-learning. .

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Land & Property Management Services

Property Management division works in an efficient way to provide support to the individuals to better manage their fixed assets. We provide guidance regarding property management to ease the burden off of the individual and help them in dealing with a number of. .

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Rural Produce Marketing Services

Mission RIEV supports farmers in another major way by making them aware about the available Government schemes and benefits besides supporting them to acquire or sell the rural produce at the right price in the market. We support them in diversifying their crop production to. .

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Comprehensive Health Services

Mission RIEV’s Health division is one of the most vibrant divisions which has positively affected the lives of countless people all over Himachal Pradesh. We have been providing basic health facilities even in the most remote, rugged terrains to bringing the essential health. .

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Entrepreneurship & Business Development Services

Entrepreneurship & Business Development service supports individuals in pursuing their entrepreneurial ventures by providing them Counselling, Guidance and Mentorship to set up their enterprises. We also work towards skill-building and supporting them in getting bank loans by. .

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License, Utility & Online Services

Mission RIEV’s core essence is to simplify the lives of people residing in rural regions and facilitate them in getting licenses, certificates, and other essential documents made from the Government for which the facilities in villages are scant or completely absent. Our. .

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Institutional and Area Adoption Support Services

Institutional and Area Adoption Support service facilitates institutions such as Societies, Companies, Cooperatives, Committees, Firms, etc. through need analysis to Envision and Formulate Business plan, Monitoring & Evaluating, Auditing, Statutory and Regulatory Compliances,. .

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NRI Dependent Support Services

NRI Dependent Support service extends support to the families, residing in India, of the Non-Resident Indians (NRIs). The families who are dependents on NRIs get support and the expediting of various regulatory tasks in India as required by the NRIs. The NRIs also get guided. .

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Democratic & Electioneering Services

Democratic & Electioneering service will work towards upholding the values of Democracy in numerous ways. The service will include Conducting Assessment Survey for identifying ideal and potential contestants for elections at various levels. Will provide facilitation support in. .

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Mission RIEV's Contribution in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Development cannot be considered holistic if it does not touch upon various aspects of life and environment, hence in accordance with United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a blueprint for wholesome prosperity for humans, animals and the planet as a whole, which requires all the nations to work for curbing poverty, improving health conditions, education and work to reduce the chasm of inequality through economic growth while preserving the nature and environment, and much more.

Though these 17 SDGs are a guideline for nations – both developed and developing, IIRD has been steadily working to achieve these Goals at the micro level by aligning them with the services and activities that we partake in, especially through Mission RIEV.

IIRD and Mission RIEV together have been able to achieve these 17 SDGs, a unique feat that is rare and laudable since not many organisations can claim to be successful in doing so.

IIRD & Mission RIEV support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


The SDG logos have been used in compliance with UN's Sustainable Development Goals usage  Guidelines

Structure of Mission RIEV

Mission RIEV's Governing Board serves as a blueprint for the effective functioning of the programme for the optimised services and solutions, which are conceptualised by our think tank and implemented by our functionaries.

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