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IIRD conceived Mission RIEV with the sole aim of bringing development to the door step of every individual in rural areas and villages and ensuring employment opportunities, business models, access to basic support, services and infrastructure to one and all through self-sustaining and independent strong Panchayats. Mission RIEV endeavors accelerating development process in the country by right facilitation at Gram Panchayats level and establishing multiple level linkages and networking..

In the second year of the Mission we are pleased to launch Version2 by overcoming all bottlenecks experienced during the first year. The Version2 is completely based on IT Platform with automation of reports, processes, service volume, service delivery and revenue earned with effective attendance besides online real-time staff movement tool. Ten Service Divisions have been institutionalised at state level and being replicated at District and Block level as well so as to ensure specialised service delivery through appropriate professions with requisite domain expertise. The Mission targets to create positive impact during the tenure of Version2 in the lives of one lakh families in the state of Himachal Pradesh.


Health Division

  • Mobile Medical Lab – For detailed investigation on 78 parameters.
  • Generic Medicine Outlets – For providing low cost medicines at door step
  • Telemedicine- Complete treatment at home with online interaction with doctor
  • Comprehensive Health Profiling and surveillance.

Agriculture Division

  • Soil Test Labs - For supporting members and farmers.
  • Manure Production – By facilitating farmers and buying back with bio-pesticide etc.
  • Seeds & Implements - Various best quality and treated seeds and agri implements.
  • MIDA- Feed supplement Cattle nutrient for animal yield enhancement.
  • Promotion of Organic Farming, Agro based Micro Planning and handholding support to farmers.

Utility, Licenses & Online Service Division

  • All Government grant and subsidy based Schemes
  • Various Registrations, Licenses, NOCs and Certificates from Govt. and other relevant authorities
  • Various Utility Services including water, electricity, connections and many more
  • Other online services including estamps, complaints, claim settlements etc.

Entrepreneurship & Business Development Division

  • Resource & Potential mapping, selection of business ideaResource & Potential mapping, selection of business idea.
  • Orientation, Training and skill building
  • Development of project Report, Bank Loans and business establishment
  • Mentorship for one year
  • Business Enhancement Support in existing business
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Banking, Finance & Insurance Division

  • Facilitation in Banking including savings, deposits, etc at door step
  • Due Diligence and Processing Bank Loans and Recoveries
  • Asset Management
  • Support in Life, Health, Assets, Cattles and Crop insurances.

Education & Training Division

  • Online Tutorials for Maths, Science, English and Others.
  • Psychometric and Finger Print based Career Analysis in early age
  • Trainings and Development on varied evolutional aspects
  • Counselling at different levels like childhood, adolescents, adults and elders.
  • E-Learning Tools & Techniques

Disaster Risk Reduction and Social Security Division

  • Children Care, Elders Care, women empowerment and Caring for Uncared; Hearing of Unheard
  • Pension Plans and Individual Engagement Programme
  • Emergency Response in any situation including accident or any disaster
  • Social stigma reduction

Rural Produce Marketing Division

  • Procurement of unique and healthy product and produce from villages
  • Supplying rural produce to different buyers
  • Importing / procuring need based items / materials and produce from external markets
  • Exchange of good internally within the territories.

Property Management Division

  • Facilitating in property due Diligence, Registration, Mutation, Revenue Entries and Corrections in Revenue Records
  • Facilitating in architectural drawings, approval from local authorities and map revision.
  • Facilitating in getting various NOCs from different stake holding Departments

Media, Printing and Publication Division

  • Publication of The RIEV Times
  • Operationalising Online News Portal
  • Taking up developmental concerns through publication with the appropriate authorities
  • Advertisement and various promotions.

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