Your Health our Concern….

Himachal enjoys a one-time demographic dividend of a young and growing workforce, which is expected to fuel its growth well into the future. However, this can only be leveraged if our young people are healthy and productive. Healthcare is a major concern for all in this hilly state and good facilities are what rural people required, when illness strikes. IIRD IS fulfilling the health needs of people residing in rural areas. The organization is doing it without any bailout form the government. Under mission RIE, necessary apparatus for basic health have been provided to field ambassadors (panchayat facilitator). Now the villagers have not to travel for several kilometers to apex hospital for basic health tests. With the help of swasthya slate & mobile bike they will get it at their door step at rock bottom price as compared to the market. MD IIRD Dr. LC. Sharma quotes, “ being in social sector, we are solicitous about the welfare of rural people. Our main focus is to avail health facilities in rural areas at rock bottom price”. According to Public Health Foundation of India's chief of project, Sunil S. Roy and field coordinator Health Slate Harsimran Singh , swasthya slate is a mobile test lab that comes in a bag. In this case, this bag can be taken anywhere on the back or lifted in the hand. Through this kit, initial health facilities will be provided. About 7 tests will be done from an electronic device, which includes bp, sugar, anemia, pulse rating, hepatitis b etc. Similarly, health bike in another benchmark in field of health . These bikes will provide test facilities in those far flung arias of Himachal where ambulance or other transport facilities are not available.