Mission RIEV endeavours accelerating development process in the country by right facilitation at GramPanchyats level and establishing multiple level linkages and networking.


Mission RIEV intends to make the Gram Panchayats activated across country through dynamic facilitation in shortest timeline with creation of opportunities of sustainable employment and livelihood to the people.


The objective of Mission RIEV is to activate people by deploying trained functionaries in each Gram Panchayat on self sustainable employment..


1. Mission Conceptualiser & Initiator: Institute for Integrated Rural Development (IIRD) Shimla

2. Collaborating Agencies in Mission:

Associated Entity Role
IIRD Foundation for Sustainable Development (IFSD) Taking care of the sustainability part on the Mission activities and exploring partnership for Mission with Government, PSU, Bilateral, Multilateral and International agencies.
IIRD Foundation for Technology and Innovations (IFTI) Providing all IT and technological support to the Mission.
Hind Sewa Sangathan (HSS) Taking care of uncared; charity, philanthropy and addressing social safeguard aspect within the Mission.
Flyers Group Pvt Ltd (FGPL) Providing business development support and addressing commercial aspects of the communities.
Him Dev Bhumi Nidhi Ltd (HDBNL) Taking care of the banking and financial aspects of the community and the Mission for all purposes