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IIRD conceived Mission RIEV with the sole aim of bringing development to the door step of every individual in rural areas and villages and ensuring employment opportunities, business models, access to basic support, services and infrastructure to one and all through self-sustaining and independent strong Panchayats. Mission RIEV endeavors accelerating development process in the country by right facilitation at Gram Panchayats level and establishing multiple level linkages and networking..


Mission RIEV intends to make the Gram Panchayats activated across country through dynamic facilitation in shortest timeline with creation of opportunities of sustainable employment and livelihood to the people.


he objective of Mission RIEV is to activate people by deploying trained functionaries in each Gram Panchayat on self sustainable employment.

Our Products and Services....Many more on the way

  • RIEV Organic Manure

    The RIEV Organic Manure is prepared by Mission RIEV by using microorganism extracted from desi cow dung. The culture is used for quick composting from organic waste and helps in improving the health of any type of soil and acts as plant protection agent.

  • Life Insurance

    Insurance has become top most need of every individual especially in the uncertain environment of today. MISSION RIEV has entered into the agreement with Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) to work towards making 100% insurance coverage of villagers.

  • RIEV Organic Pesticide & Fungicide

    T The RIEV Organic Pesticide & Fungicide controls all types of soil borne, bacterial, fungal, viral and foliar disease including insects and pests effectively. The solution effectively eliminates both root diseases and shoots diseases.

  • RIEV Organic Sanitizer

    The RIEV Organic Sanitizer can be used effectively for cleaning floors, toilets and helps in reducing odour generated by toilets and tanks, especially in villages. It's an ideal replacement for chemical based floor and toilet cleaners that are available in the market.

  • Swasthya Slate (Health Tablet)

    Swasthya Slate is a handheld Tablet with a bluetooth-enabled integrated diagnostic kit that works with an android based mobile system. Basically used as 'Preventive Health Screening' tool, it can perform 33 diagnostics tests and through mobile applications.

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